Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Authority



In 2001 a Joint Funding Agreement (JFA) was entered into by all of the municipalities in Santa Clara County along with San Jose State University, the South Santa Clara County Fire District and the Santa Clara Valley Water District.  The purpose of the JFA is to enhance and coordinate regional public safety data and radio communications systems with a focus on interoperability and strategic planning in the event of emergencies or disaster. In 2011 the JFA transitioned to a Joint Powers Authority (SVRIA) with the need to create a public facing website and Content Management System (CMS) intranet to:

  • Provide material to inform the general public about the mission, objectives, strategies, policies and operations of the Authority.
  • Help manage and coordinate Board of Directors, Executive Director and internal staff meetings, Authority events, and project plans.
  • Full brand creation to promote radio and communication system interoperability between municipalities and public safety agencies.


After soliciting bids through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, SVRIA chose Vitasys to develop CMS website from scratch and maintain the site through a 12 month service agreement. Site features include: member login user roles; document and file storage; calendar of events module and display; social media integration; newsroom and newsletter features; Google webmaster tools and analytics; search engine optimization; emergency notification system; and content management capabilities.


Authority Executive Director and staff realize greater work efficiencies and labor cost savings, including:

  • Increased management effectiveness.
  • Improved collaboration and communication.
  • Decreased system, network and website administration costs through self-service content management capabilities.