CMS Design

We help website administrators, department managers, communications directors, IT staff, and other content creators work smarter, not harder. Our website administration training sessions are comprehensive “how to” learning experiences that cover everything you need to know to manage your website and content. With hundreds of website features and content management system tools, we help you understand everything from managing users, rearranging menus, uploading images, posting content, adding plugins, sharing videos, storing documents, and more.

In-Person Training. Our trainers are readily available to visit your offices and provide thorough training sessions to technical administrators and non-technical site users. ezSite trainers can host co-worker forums and training tutorials to provide a thorough review of the site and explain the features and functions vitally important to your site administrators and users.

Web-based Training. Web-based training is an excellent option for some. It's also a cost-effective learning solution for smaller groups when time and budget are limited, or when follow up training sessions are needed. We'll set up a GoToMeeting web portal and provide first-class training as though we were there. Regardless of which training method you choose, rest assured your website administrators, content creators and content editors will be fully trained and equipped to keep your website user community informed and engaged.