Sonoma County



The Energy and Sustainability division of Sonoma County, CA is responsible for planning, evaluating and administering the County-wide Energy Management and Sustainability Program. The Division’s Energy Independence Program serves county residents and businesses as a central clearinghouse of information about energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy generation. The Division releases a Request for Proposal with the following goals:

  • Redesign the program website using open-source.
  • Custom develop an application management system to allow managers to review, fund, and manage citizen financing applications.
  • Eliminate proprietary website and content management system platform fees and subscription costs for application management system web services.


The county seeks a firm to redesign the program website and build the backend application management system to integrate with the site. County solicits bids through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process and chooses ezSite CMS because of their open-source solution, unique website design, system architecture, and database development capabilities.


County saves thousands per year by eliminating proprietary platform website service fees and maintains the ability to effectively and efficiently process, fund, and manage citizen financing requests through a user friendly front-end interface and robust MySQL back-end database. Other customer benefits include:

  • Improved system architecture and application management interface.
  • Increased number of website functions for social media integration, CRM, and easier content management.