User Experience

Mobile Apps

Our website usability designers work hard to create amazing website experiences, which isn't as easy as it seems. While great graphic design is huge, great user experiences involve a magical blend of navigation strategy, design consistency and cutting-edge technology. How Do We Do It? First, we take a step back, look at the big picture, and begin with “Solution Design.” Solution design asks what user problems are being solved and how design and technology combine to create easy user solutions. In simple terms, solution design gets users to love you because they love using your website. And this can only be accomplished through a complicated project process that includes diverse stakeholder discovery meetings, usability research, identity or brand design guides, and user navigation goal setting to create successful solutions tailored to fulfill unique user needs.


 Other User Experience Considerations

We also spend considerable effort creating great user experiences by focusing on many other website considerations such as information architecture, online form interactions, database integration, and information accessibility. Our design and development professionals blend art and science to make website information and content easier to find and use. Interaction design plays a key role in defining what works best for users, while accessibility and usability ensure ease of reach, use and understanding of users, sometimes including those with special needs.