User Experience Design

ezSite creates beautiful, effective and efficient website experiences for you and your users, which is no easy task. Great design is important, but great experiences are much more than just great looking graphics because they involve a magical blend of navigation strategy, design consistency and cutting-edge technology. We bring a  collaborative and flexible approach to your project by offering help with your organizational strategy, graphic design, and communication delivery to best meet the needs of your users.

How Do We Do It?

First, we take a step back and have a look at the big picture. We also call this “Solution Design.” Solution design asks what user problems are being solved and how technology fits in to the website and content management solution.  Solution design gets users to love your organization simply because they love using your website, which in many cases is all they ever get to experience about you. ezSite helps guide our customers through stakeholder discovery meetings, user research, interaction design processes, site usability evaluations, and visual design goal setting to bring about a successful solution design that's tailored to all of your website stakeholder needs. UX-IQ-Process

Responsive Design

Responsive website design makes a single website work more effectively on both desktop browsers and the many mobile devices on the market. Responsive architecture gives a superior browsing and interactive user experience on smartphones, tablet devices, notebooks, or desktops, regardless of the operating system used. People who browse while on-the-go have very different needs than those sitting at a desk. Responsive websites re-organize themselves automatically according to the device viewing them so that the same website provides a great experience everywhere you go. Desktop users get a full-blown interface with videos, large images and animations, while Smartphone users get a simplified website that runs fast without all the bells and whistles. Tablets and notebooks get a balance of something in between. responsive design

Other UX Considerations

ezSite spends considerable time and effort in creating websites that provide a great user experience (UX) by focusing on other design considerations such as information architecture, interaction design, usability, and accessibility. Our UX design professionals blend art and science to make your website content easier to find and use. Interaction design also plays a pivotal role in helping define what works best for users, while accessibility ensures ease of reach, use and understanding of users with special needs.