Platform Upgrades

Save Time and Money

ezSite helps customers save time and money by unlocking the potential of their existing content management system platform without the expense and effort of an entire website redesign project.  Like most operating systems or software applications, website platforms have versions and release dates. As new technologies emerge the developers supporting each platform update the system to make it faster, more secure, or more powerful. Consequently, older versions become unsupported and leave website customers with a choice to upgrade their existing platform or abandon it altogether for a new content management system.

ezSite provides platform upgrade consulting services to help customers understand their options and get the greatest return on their system investments. In many cases customers don’t need to choose and learn an entirely new content management system. Our team of experienced and qualified software engineering professionals conducts quality assurance testing services, platform upgrades, content migration, website training and maintenance, and module integration or development to help you and your users get the most from your website.

Before Upgrade

After Upgrade

Bothell old 400
Bothell new 400