Handling Office because of the Zero errors during the MDX Calculations

Handling Office because of the Zero errors during the MDX Calculations

YTD – “Automatically, per year height are questioned. No such as for instance height try found in the cube” Error for the MDX

Dealing with Split by the Zero errors are essential in MDX. This basically means we could refer to it as since Split of the NULL problems into the MDX. The brand new mistake that show after you try to separate of the No/Null is “step one.#INF”. Allows see a tiny example.

Now I've written a calculation to test (Conversion Amount)/(Disregard Amount) for everyone services this new inquire works out –

with member [Measures].[Sales to Discount] as [Measures].[Sales Amount]/[Measures].[Discount Amount] SELECT <[Measures].[Sales> on COLUMNS , [Dim Product].[English Product Name].[English Product Name] on ROWS from [Adventure Works DW]

For those who work on the aforementioned query you will see of a lot philosophy future because “step 1.#INF” because Discount Number try often NULL or 0 for the majority of facts and you may PFB Screenshot of the same.

Allows find out how will we utilize IIF condition in order to prevent these types of mistakes. Brand new IIF Position sentence structure inside MDX is just as given just below.

IIF(status,correct,false) – If your updates is true following earliest region would be executed otherwise next provided regarding the iff reputation. This new ask turns out less than once applying IIF standing.

with member [Measures].[Sales to Discount] as iif([Measures].[Discount Amount] = 0,null,[Measures].[Sales Amount]/[Measures].[Discount Amount]) SELECT <[Measures].[Sales> on COLUMNS , [Dim Product].[English Product Name].[English Product Name] on ROWS from [Adventure Works DW]

Regarding the over query I am indicating whenever Disregard Amount was 0 following place NULL towards product regarding the determined size productivity otherwise calculate the benefits. The newest efficiency can look along these lines –

  • Labels
  • step 1.#inf error
  • Dealing with Office because of the Zero errors


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